Crawl Space Humidity Problems

Condensation on duct in Minneapolis crawl space

Condensation on a duct in a Saint Paul crawl space.

Water in your crawl space? Victor Barke's Complete Basement Systems can help!

It is not uncommon for homeowners to notice water in their crawl spaces. However, crawl space humidity problems can lead to wood rot, pest infestations, poor indoor air quality, and mold and mildew problems. Luckily, Victor Barke's Complete Basement Systems has tried and proven solutions to handle moisture in your crawl space.

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What causes high humidity in the crawl space?

Water in the crawl space can come from a variety of sources, including the following:

  • Plumbing Leak
  • Condensation
  • Seepage From Surrounding Soil
  • Leaking Windows
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Flooding

No matter the cause of moisture in your crawl space, it is crucial to work with an expert to keep humidity levels consistently low. This will prevent mold and mildew growth so that you won't have to worry about crawl space sag, foul odors, and poor indoor air quality. Victor Barke's Complete Basement Systems has the solutions to keep your crawl space dry and healthy.

Crawl space humidity problems questions & answers

Is it normal to have moisture in my crawl space?

In short, it is normal to have some moisture in your crawl space. Your crawl space is surrounded by wet soil, so it would make sense that that moisture could make its way into your crawl space. This is even worse when it rains and the soil becomes saturated. Other causes of moisture in your crawl space include plumbing leaks and flooding, amongst many others.

So, while it is not uncommon for homeowners to find moisture in their crawl space, it's important to deal with high humidity levels before additional problems arise, such as wood rot and sinking floors.

Is it normal to have water in my crawl space after heavy rain?

Your crawl space lives underneath your home, surrounded by soil. That being said, water in your crawl space is normal, especially following a storm. However, it is essential to invest in crawl space waterproofing, encapsulation, and humidity control systems installed by experts to ensure that your home is protected against costly structural damage and other problems that can occur when you have a wet crawl space.

Will a crawl space dry out on its own?

Unfortunately, your crawl space will not dry out on its own. Over time, moisture problems will only get worse. Luckily, we offer a variety of solutions to significantly reduce moisture levels in your crawl space, saving you the hassle of dealing with expensive repairs down the road.

Where does crawl space moisture come from?

Moisture in your crawl space has a variety of sources, including: condensation, leaking windows, foundation cracks, flooding, plumbing leaks, flooding, and seepage from surrounding soils.

The nature of your crawl space makes it virtually impossible to keep your crawl space dry without a comprehensive crawl space waterproofing and encapsulation system. That's why it's important to get ahead of high humidity levels by having our skilled team install a crawl space solution designed to keep your crawl space dry for a lifetime.

Regardless of the humidity in your area, it is essential to invest in a quality crawl space waterproofing system because there are a variety of sources for your humidity problem.

High humidity levels in Minnesota crawl space

Got a wet crawl space? Call Victor Barke's Complete Basement Systems!

I have a wet crawl space. Now what?

Fortunately, there are many solutions for high humidity levels in your crawl space. Victor Barke's Complete Basement Systems offers dehumidifiers, drainage systems, and more. However, you will find that an entire crawl space waterproofing and encapsulation system is necessary to keep your crawl space in good shape for the long haul.

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