Victor Barke's Complete Basement Systems Q&A

Why does my basement leak every time it rains?

If your foundation walls were constructed with concrete or concrete block, it is easy for rain water saturating the ground to pass through concrete and find its way inside your home.  Block wall cavities can fill with water, therefore soaking the concrete and seeping through to the home.  Water can also push its way through the basement's wall-floor joint and flood the basement.  If you find yourself dealing with wet walls or puddles on the floor during heavy rain, snow melting periods and after storms, give us a call!  We can provide you with a FREE inspection and estimate to address the problem and find a permenant solution that will give you peace of mind and a dry basement. 

Are my basement walls safe?

If you're asking this, it probably means you've seen something that worries you.  Maybe you've been looking at a wall from every angle, trying to figure out if it's leaning more than it was last week, or there's a crack forming.

Wall cracks can form due to water issues or pressure from the soil outside, or both.  Some cracks might be superficial, but some are indicative of a structural issue that could put your home's foundation in danger.

The best way to find out if your walls really are leaning, or if that crack is anything to worry about, is to schedule an inspection with an expert.  

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Can I insulate the dirt floor of a crawl space under vapor barrier?

Yes you can!  We at Complete Basement Systems offer patented crawl space repair products that will help you do just that!  Before we encapsulate crawl spaces, we place thick drainage matting on the dirt of the crawl space to enhance the durability of the CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation material.  We can also place TerraBlock insulation panels on top of the drainage matting before encapsulating the crawl space, as well.  If you are interested in insulating or encapsulating your crawl space, please give us a call!  We'd be happy to meet with you to provide you with a free inspection and estimate!

Do I need a sump pump?

If water in your basement is an issue, you probably need a sump pump.

The main function of a sump pump is to collect unwanted water in your basement.  An effective sump pump can determine whether or not your home is protected from flooding, standing water, or any other source of intruding water that can enter your home.

Our TripleSafe sump pump system can protect your home with 3 effective pumps in one liner.  The first pump is an effective pump that will do most of the work.  The second pump is higher in the liner and automatically turns on if the first pump cannot keep up or fails.  The third pump is a battery-powered pump that makes sure the sump pump protects the home in the event of a power outage. 

For more information about sump pump systems, contact Complete Basement Systems today!  1-800-638-5285

Do you need a building permit for an egress window?

Typically, every county, township or city we work in requires a permit for an egress window installation.  This is a good procedure because you want someone to inspect the process of cutting your original foundation and removing soils around your foundation.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in an egress window installation!  We would be happy to meet with you to provide a free inspection and estimate!

How can you get rid of the mold smell coming up from a crawl space?

Mold can thrive anywhere there is moisture and organic material (like wood) that it uses as a 'food' source.  That makes a crawl space an ideal haven.  Encapsulation and dehumidification are the keys to getting rid of mold problems and their accompanying smells.  Our CleanSpace vapor barrier will protect your crawl space from moisture coming in through the walls and floor in your crawl space.  Adding a dehumidifier takes care of any remaining ambient moisture, which makes your crawl space unhospitable to mold.

For more information about your crawl space odor, contact Complete Basement Systems today!  1-800-638-5285

How do I waterproof my basement?

Waterproofing your basement can mean many things, depending on where the water is coming in, how much water there is, and other factors like the soil composition and height of the water table surrounding your home.  It often involves installing a below-floor perimeter system like our WaterGuard, and a sump pump is usually necessary.  For the most common water problems, this is a baseline of what will need to be installed.  Depending on other factors in your basement, other processes may be vital to keeping it dry.  This will all be explained at your free inspection- We'll go through the what, the why and the how much.

To schedule your FREE waterproofing estimate, contact Complete Basement Systems today!  1-800-638-5285

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