Basement Windows & Window Well Systems

One of the best ways to improve a basement's appearance is with replacement windows that provide a clean look and let in natural light. Of course, many basement windows also require a window well to ensure that the area is protected from the elements.

At Victor Barke's Complete Basement Systems, we provide two quality products to suit your basement window needs. Our windows provide a waterproof, visually appealing solution that will last for years to come. Call us today to get a free estimate in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Rochester and nearby in Minnesota!

What They Do:

EverLast™ Basement Windows are energy-efficient, vinyl-framed replacement windows. Designed with double-paned, low-E glass, they are much more energy efficient than the single-paned, steel-framed windows that are the industry standard.

Designed to replace your rotting, outdated steel and wood-framed basement windows, our windows will never rot, rust, decay or need paint. The double-paned windows can be removed easily for cleaning and maintenance.

SunHouse™ Window Well Enclosures are covered window wells -- the perfect thing to replace your corroded, debris-filled metal wells.

A clear cover and brightly colored sides and bottom maximize the sunlight directed into your basement for a brighter, more attractive space. Meanwhile, the plastic cover keeps out dirt and debris, while protecting your basement windows from being buffeted by winter wind.

Installation Time:

EverLast™ Basement Windows will generally take an installer 1 - 2 hours to install, while installing each SunHouse™ Window Well should take 1 ½ - 2 hours.

Product Dimensions

SunHouse™ Window Wells












SunHouse™ Window Well Covers













Enjoying EverLast™ Windows & SunHouse™ Window Wells

The purpose of basement windows is to add appeal to your space by bringing in natural sunlight. If those windows are rusted, covered in debris, or doing little more than affording a view of an old, rusty window well, then they're not doing their job.

Meanwhile, old window wells often fill with leaves, dirt, and weeds, and they can fill with snow and water, which may leak into your basement.

With a typical basement waterproofing, this water will still leak into your home (we have solutions for this kind of problem).

The answer to these problems is EverLast™ Basement Windows and SunHouse™ Window Wells. These dry basement products will not decay when exposed to the elements, and they maximize the beauty of the basement space.

Covered window wells keep cold winter winds from blowing against the panes, while the low-E double-thermopaned glass of EverLast™ Basement Windows saves you on your energy bills. It's a small upgrade that can really make a big difference for your home!

Get Additional Protection With Window Well Covers, Grates & Ducts

Window Well Covers

Our window well covers are safety covers that are durable and can hold up to 500 lbs of weight. The polycarbonate covers are effective at keeping your wells free from leaves and debris while still allowing natural sunlight to enter your basement.

Our clean polycarbonate covers are available for both the Elite and Premier window wells. They are constructed of a 10 mm fluted polycarbonate material with UV light protection.

Basement Window Well Grates

Our basement window well grates are durable and allow ventilation without obstructing natural light from entering your basement. The grates are powder coated with an earth tone color that will blend into your home's natural landscape.

Our grates are 73" x 42". They are constructed of 1/2" metal tubing and angle iron. They withstand a 250 lb. individual, but are not intended for continual foot traffic.

Window Well Ducts: Fix Leaking Basement Windows

Our window well ducts provide window leakage protection for fixing leaking basement windows. A leaking window well can cause major problems in a finished or unfinished basement. The WellDuct® system was designed to work perfectly with our WaterGuard® system.

Our WellDuct® system is a vertical extension of the WaterGuard® System. This simple system drains water from the window well before the window leaks in the event that water rises in the well. A drain hole is drilled through your basement wall just under the windowsill. If the wall is a block wall, the hole is lined with a section of pipe. Then, a grate is installed on the outside over the hole or a specialized drain inlet is installed. The WellDuct® conduit itself is installed on the inside of your basement wall.

If water rises to threaten the window, it goes through the grate, through the wall, down the WellDuct®, through your inside basement waterproofing drain system and to the sump pump.

Improve your basement with replacement windows

If you want to create a better looking, more energy-efficient basement in your home, call Victor Barke's Complete Basement Systems today for a free estimate on replacement windows and window wells. We proudly serve in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Rochester, Eden Prairie, Burnsville, Saint Cloud, Bloomington, Coon Rapids, Plymouth, and throughout the surrounding areas.

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