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During the summer, when the air enters the crawl space, it also carries a lot of moisture. The crawl space is a cool environment, and the air will cool down. The relative humidity in the air will increase 2.2% per each degree that air is cooled. A crawl space that is 10 degrees cooler than the outside will cause a 20% increase in relative humidity. Add that increase to the moisture already present in the air and the RH will reach levels that are way above 70%, creating the perfect conditions for mold and dry rot to start growing in the area. If RH levels go above 100%, condensation will happen all over surfaces nearby. Ducts and pipes will begin to drip water; wood will soak up moisture and rot away quicker. Due to a physics phenomenon known as the stack effect, the filthy air from the crawl space will be carried into your home. Your house will smell awful, mold spores and dust mites might trigger allergy symptoms, and your air conditioner will have to work harder just too keep up with the warm, humid air coming in from the crawl.

In the winter, moisture is less of an issue, but you will still be allowing very cold, unconditioned air into your living space and you might experience cold floors and rooms above the crawl space.

If you live in the greater Minneapolis area including Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Rochester, South Saint Paul, Shakopee, Savage, Rosemount, and nearby give yourself the peace of mind you deserve knowing that your crawl space will be in great shape by calling now to schedule your free estimate for crawl space repair!

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