Window Wells

Complete Basement Systems offers basement window wells for homes in: Minneapolis MN, St. Paul MN, Mason City IA, Rochester MN, Austin MN, Albert Lea MN, Fairmont MN, Mankato MN, Burnsville MN, Eden Prairie MN, Saint Cloud MN, and other areas of MN and IA. These window wells are installed with basement windows and help to allow light into the basement while keeping soil and other outdoor debris away from the window itself.

Basement Windows

Basement windows are an important element in a basement. Some natural light really makes a difference in the underground space. Furthermore, the ability to open the windows for ventilation, and to pass long objects through, is important.


Traditionally, however, basement windows are ugly metal frames that do not stand up to the wet and dirty environments near the ground. They rust and leak and the operation of the windows is ruined.


Complete Basement Systemsof MN has the solution. The Everlast basement windows are made specifically for basements in Minnesota. Everlast windows can be installed to replace whatever kind of windows you have now. Your old rusted or rotted windows are removed and the EverLast™ window is permanently installed in its place.

New "Everlast" energy-efficient, all vinyl windows can be installed to replace your old ones. These windows look much better, it does not let the wind in, have double-pane glass and never need paint- perfect for damp environment that is close to the ground.

Everlast basement windows

They are easy to open, airtight and keep bugs, rodents and other outdoor elements out of your basement environment, and look good doing it.

The environment close to the ground is wet and dirty, causing wood windows to rot and metal windows to rust. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, hold up with no problem in the basement application and never need to be painted.

The EverLast™ windows are smooth operating, sliding windows with a screen. The windows are crystal-clear, double thermos-pane glass, so they are energy efficient. When unlocked, both panes come right out of the frame very easily so you can clean them, or pass objects through like ladders and long boards.

Your home will look more complete as your attention to detail stands out with the installation of EverLast™ Basement Windows.

Basement Window Enclosures

Sunhouse basement window wellsBasement window enclosures will give you an attractive, bright, clean solution that keeps rain out, prevents weeds from growing inside, and reflects lots of natural light into your basement.

If your window wells are rusty, ugly or open at the top, the windows can be dramatically improved by Complete Basement Systems of MN. Window wells without covers let in leaves and debris, plus rain and gutter overflow water gets in. The dirt bottom allows weeds to grow and mud to splash onto your windows. All this makes for a pretty lousy view from inside the basement- the space you want to improve on.

The light-colored SunHouse™ Window Well, features a sturdy, clear cover that fits nicely and a bottom that prevents weed growth as well as keep leaves, debris and rain out. One of the SunHouse™'s  best benefits is that with the clean, light-colored bottom a lot more sunlight bounces into your basement and brightens up a space where we can use all the light we can get!

Basement Window Well Grates

Our basement window well grates are durable and will prevent members of your family from accidentally falling into the window wells. They allow ventilation and will not obstruct the natural light from entering your basement. The grates are powder coated with an earth tone color that will blend into your home's natural landscape.

Our grates are 73" x 42". They are constructed of 1/2" metal tubing and angle iron. They withstand a 250 lb. individual, but are not intended for continual foot traffic.

Window Well Covers

Our window well covers are safety covers which are durable and will prevent members of your family from accidentally falling into the window well. They can hold up to 500 lbs of weight. The polycarbonate covers are effective at keeping your wells free from leaves and debris while still allowing natural sunlight to enter your basement.

Our clean polycarbonate covers are available for both the Elite and Premier window wells. They are constructed of a 10 mm fluted polycarbonate material with UV light protection.

Window Well Ducts - Fix Leaking Basement Windows

Our window well ducts provide window leakage protection for fixing leaking basement windows. A leaking window well can cause major problems in a finished or unfinished basement. The WellDuct® system was designed to work perfectly with our WaterGuard® system.Leaking basement windows

Do your Basement Windows Leak?

When there is water outside of a basement window, it will leak into the basement. Besides the obvious- fix the gutters, re-grade if possible and extend the downspouts- if you do not do something, the window will likely leak again in the future. The next best thing is to call Complete Systems of MN to install a drain from the window well to the perimeter basement waterproofing drainage system around your basement that leads to the sump pump. This is a good back-up plan to to the best option of a gravity drain from the window well to a low spot in the yard, draining to daylight.

A WellDuct® Solves Leaky Basement Windows

A simple system called a WellDuct®, a vertical extension of the WaterGuard® System, drains water from the window well before the window leaks in the event that water rises in the well.
Fixing leaking basement windows
A drain hole is drilled through your basement wall just under the windowsill. If the wall is a block wall, the hole is lined with a section of pipe. Then, a grate is installed on the outside over the hole or a specialized drain inlet is installed. The WellDuct® conduit itself is installed on the inside of your basement wall.

If water rises to threaten the window, it goes through the grate, through the wall, down the WellDuct®, through your inside basement waterproofing drain system and to the sump pump. Also check out our egress windows. A perfect answer for homeowners in Minnesota.


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